Environmental viscose spunlace nonwoven fabric

Having good moisture absorption and permeability ability, the non-woven spunlace material is widely used on various occasions.
Not only can you find it in the medical industry but the spunlace nonwoven fabric is also widely employed in the production of personal care items for its soft, disposable, and biodegradable features.

Material: 100% viscose
Weight: 30-120GSM
Slit width: 10-320cm, slitting as per required
Color: white
Pattern: Plain, mesh, pearl, checkerboard embossed or customized
Lapping method: Parallel lapping, cross lapping
Features: Super soft, eco-friendly, disposable, biodegradable, high-absorbent, sustainable, breathable, anti-bacteria
Application: Baby care, pregnancy care, feminine hygiene, cosmetic products, household care, medical hygiene, travel&outdoor activities

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